Library Management

Koha Library Software for Johor Port Berhad (Govt. of Malaysia)

We upgraded LPJ’s library with the latest Koha version, and a new digital system that's integrated with hardware like scanners and printers.


Installation & Set up


2 Months


5 Members


Koha, Z39.50


Logistics & Transporation

Areas of Improvement

UI Design
User Flow
Data Storage
Catalog Management
About the Project

Upgraded Library System with New Hardware Integrations

We customised a newly set up Koha system, safely migrated all previous data from excel sheets, integrated it with their security, and trained their teams to use it efficiently.

New Features

Barcode Scanning
Custom Barcodes
Document Filters
Active Directory Login
SSL Encryption

Development Methodology

Testing Methods

User Acceptance Testing
Performance Testing
Stress Testing
QA Testing

Problems Solved

Johor Port Berhad wanted to upgrade from their legacy system to a new digital one that's more efficient. As well as make public catalogs accessible to their staff without compromising on security.
Outdated System
Redundant Operational Tasks
Access to Public Catalogs

Data Migration and Mapping

We took data for 20K books from their previous excel sheets, and mapped them to a new system, then imported all that data.

Thereby, importing 20K books into their newly set up Koha system.

Government Security Compliance

LPJ is a government entity, and uses a highly secure firewall, authentication gateway, and various VMs for their network. Our teams worked closely with their network engineers to integrate without exposing their network.

We integrated the new digital library system to work with their network security so their staff could access their private network while using Koha from the libraries.

Adding Local Malaysian Books to Their Catalog

We used the Z39.50 client–server, application layer protocol to catalog books available through open repositories.

Next, we added Malaysian open repositories to their new system so they can access all available books directly form their new Koha set up

How We Made this Project a Success

Customising Open Source Software

We customised Koha library software to match with LPJ's branding guidelines and color scheme. Followed by development of custom widgets. These widgets can be used by patrons to view information like Newly Added Books, Most Downloaded Items, and more.

Standardised Processes

We used the Waterfall Methodology to build this project. Our teams started by making a User Requirement Specifications (URS) doc, followed by a design phase that included prototyping. We then moved to development, followed by data migration, testing, and training.

Customised SQL Reporting

We wrote custom SQL code for them - which can be executed anytime - to get a report in a CSV format.

Reporting Data Points

Newly added books
Status of current books
Who owes fines to the library
Status of due books

Tools Used

Apache JMeter
MS Project and Visio
Apache JMeter

What We Did

Koha Installation and Set up
Koha Training
Custom Software Development
QA and Software Testing

Key Features

Because of the nature of their work, and the fact that they control shipping on the ports of Johor, LPJ uses a very secure network system.

We installed Koha library software with SSL URL encryption, and a work around so it could function properly with their existing network, and also implemented features that gave admins different levels of access control.
With the Active Directory login implementation, and a securely integrated Koha installation, LPJ’s staff can use their existing work credentials to log into the new system.
We used Koha’s features that allow you to create custom barcodes and have them printed through hardware that’s integrated with your library system.

We also integrated the following hardware

Resin Barcode Thermal Ribbon
Barcode Scanners
Barcode Stickers
Thermal Printers
Market Relevance

Secure Shipping for the Govt. of Malaysia

As a Govt. entity that works in shipping and logistics, LPJ's mission is to monitor and facilitate the maritime industry in improving the competitiveness of ports in Johor, Malaysia

Highlights of this Project

500+ Concurrent User Support
2 Hardware Integrations
20,000 Books Cataloged
5 Custom SQL Reports
1 Active Directory Integration