Managing Leaves Has Never Been Easier

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Leave Management Dashboard

  • Dashboard: Stay up-to-date with an interactive dashboard. With a glance, know what has happened through the Leave Management System dashboard. See the summary of all staffs on leave, approve & reject leave applications and pending requests.

Configure Everything

  • Type of Leaves: We make it easier for you to set the type of leaves your institution practices.
  • Holidays: Leave Management allows you to configure holidays into the system. Ultimate flexibility when it comes to holidays, no matter where you are.
  • Working Days: Determine your working days. Set Full Days, Half Days and Non-Working days. No matter how your institution works, Leave Management can suit your needs.
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Easy Leave Application

  • Application: Applying for leaves is smoother through the leave application with an in-built leave balance tracker.

Leave Approval Workflow

  • Workflow: With a streamlined leave approval workflow, we make it easy for you and your staff to go on leave.

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