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What is LMS™ Optimization?

LMS™ Optimization is a series of tests and upgrades that ensures your LMS becomes a conducive online learning platform for your students.  


Bottleneck Analysis

Server bottlenecks can prevent your students from having a smoother time studying on your system.

By stress testing your servers, we help you find when and where bottlenecks happen and stop them from happening again. 


Server Management

Maintain a lag free platform for your students by optimizing your servers. Whether they are:

Moodle™ Optimization will ensure your server will perform efficiently all the time.

Upgrade your LMS™

Utilize the latest LMS™ version for extra stability and features. In addition to updating your LMS™, we also:

With LMS Optimization, we help bring new life through new features to your system.


Why do I need to Stress Test?

Stress tests helps to find out the limits of your systems capabilities. Often times your system does not notify you if it's struggling to maintain the amount of users. A good indicator is a noticeable slowdown in loading speed and processing.

What do you find out by stress testing?

Stress testing helps to find out:

What does concurrent users mean?

Concurrent users is the amount of users who are using your system at the same time. If your system is unable to support it, a high number of users is able to slow down your system tremendously.

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