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Automated Online Admission System

Build Relationships As Early As Admissions

EntriPhi is an Online Admission System that automates the qualifying,  reviewing and sending of offer letters. EntriPhi provides an easier experience for students to apply, administrators to manage and counsellors & agents to approve applications. 

As a customizable web application, EntriPhi is perfect for any institution that wants to simplify its admission process. Serving every type of education institution, EntriPhi helps you build a solid foundation for your relationship with your students as early as admissions. 

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Streamlining Applications

  • Faster Application Filling: We streamlined the registration process for your students. A single flow process guarantees a smooth customer experience.
Auto-Fill Profile

Automated Qualifications

  • Automation: The online admission system automatically qualifies and reviews applications for you.
  • From Applicant to Student: Your applicants receives their offer letters as soon as they submit their applications.
Auto-Fill Profile

Profiling System

  • Student Profile: Students can fill in their information in the profile section.
  • Auto-Fill: Waste no time as EntriPhi auto-fills data from the profile into the application page.

Manage Everything as an Admin

Role Empowerment
Easy Reporting

Stay Up To Date

The interactive dashboard ensures a glance is all you need to be informed.

Empower Your Staff

Manage users while empowering them with roles. Create roles to serve any unique function from Managers to Counsellors and Agents.

Make Informed Decisions Faster

With a robust Reporting Tool, gaining insight and making an informed decision will make life easier for your staff. EntriPhi helps you Filter, Sort, Export and Visualize your data. one easy to read page.

Easy Reviews

Tag cases to your counselors and agents. Choose which person is suited to review an application.

EntriPhi gives a streamlined reviewing process for Counsellors and Agents. Everything for you to review on a single page.


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