Construction Project Management System

Total Project Management Solution

Successful projects begin with effective project management software. ProjectiPhi – Construction Project Management System provides you with all the tools you need to get your project up and running from day one. From Gantt Charts to Task Management to Budgeting, we make it easier for your team to get the job done.

As a customizable web application, ProjetiPhi is perfect for any organization looking for a better project management system. ProjectiPhi completes the way you handle project management.

Take Control of Your Projects

Create your projects with the in-built creator. Get into the nitty-gritty details, ensuring every particular is available after creation. Assign relevant staff. Say goodbye to confusion on who’s involved in which project.
View everything about the project through a comprehensive dashboard. Stay informed of the details, tasks and budget used. Be ready to move on to the next thing to do in a glance.
Task Administration helps you to create new tasks and group them under task lists. Be organized where everyone involved knows who does what, due dates, tasks descriptions and file attachment. Progress your project steadily.
Achieve ISO certifications with Project Procedures. As a Document Manager, store documentation according to the flow of ISO standard that you wish to achieve.
With an in-built Gantt Chart creator, create new tasks directly into the Gantt Chart when there are changes in the task timeline while being able to compare them to the original chart. Gantt Charts has never been so much easier.

Dependable Project Budgeting

Effortless Budgeting

Create your project's budget all in one screen. Add budget items and edit them with one click. ProjectiPhi helps you keep your budget in check.

Track Your Purchase Orders

ProjectiPhi helps you to create Purchase Orders with real-time budget calculations. Manage these orders by suppliers and effortlessly print your orders.

Be Confident While Project Managing

Stay up-to-date

Stay up-to-date with an interactive dashboard. With a glance, know what has happened since you last logged in. See the timeline of all of your projects and its tasks. Be in the know with ProjectiPhi.

Manage Your Staff

Manage staff users while empowering them with roles. Create roles to serve any unique function from Managers to Admins.

Stay up-to-date

ProjectiPhi helps you to communicate with your team through a practical Forum function. Add specific people to your conversations and use the inclusive text editor for easy formatted replies.

Be Accountable

Have a detailed log of every activity in the system with the Activity Audit Log. Admins can track activity by user or by project for total accountability.


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