Case Studies

We take pride in our long-term relationship with our customers. Some of them have agreed to share their story working with GR Tech SDN BHD in a case study. Due to confidentiality constraints, we can only create a limited number of case studies.

Top Private University Programme Admission System

Subang Jaya, Malaysia
Time to Market: 8 Months

Our software is a fully automated online admission system. By automating record keeping, qualification checks and generating as well as sending of offer letters, TOPAS increases the efficiency of the admissions department.

Online Extracurricular System

Subang Jaya, Malaysia
Time to Market: 3 Months

Digitized Student Extra Curriculum Management System. The Extracurricular System has an in-built score matrix that calculates points according to the level of activity a student participates in. Students can search and join events advertised in the system.

Energy Management System

Subang Jaya, Malaysia
Time to Market: 4 Months

INTELEON is a hardware energy management system. The system pulls data through an API and conveys the data in a clean and user friendly dashboard. An in-built alert and reporting modules helps easily keep track of data.

E-Memo Management System

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Time to Market: 5 Months

A system that digitizes the physical memo processes into an online medium. Users can create, record and approve memos easily through their computers or phones. E-Memo increases the efficiency of processing financial and non-financial memos.


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