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Why Choose EPrints?

EPrints provides institutions with tools to publish and promote research on the web. It works for different use cases like data harvesting, archiving, repository building, and for open education practices.
Free & Open Source
Community Driven
Stable & Reliable

EPrints Features

Open Access

Easily publish and share research information.

Publish Research

Store content in digital formats like PDF, Word, JPEG, MPEG, TIFF files, etc.

Dataset Showcasing

Set access for groups and permission for individual files.

Available in Multiple Languages

Make knowledge more accessible through multi-language support.


Share your collections to more users through Google's platform.

Data Harvesting

Find information in your entire database within seconds.

We build EPrints Solutions that Work For

Our EPrints Services

EPrints Installation

We'll install EPrints for your digital repositories or upgrade your old DSpace version.

EPrints Setup

We'll custom design for your EPrints system with an interface that suits your workflow.


We'll build a system with customzised features, forms, collections, and items.

Data Migration

We'll safely migrate all your collections, metadata, and files to a new system.

Server Architecture Design

We'll design the system to support thousands of concurrent users without slowing down.

Integrations with Other Systems

We'll implement a centralized staff and student login with LDAP/AD, or add EBSCO-like integrations.

Our Satisfied Clients

We are Library and Academia Software Experts

After building multiple software projects for libraries, universities, our teams have a clear understanding of library sciences and how software can improve various aspects of building archives, sharing information, academics and research.
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They stuck to their price estimates, and delivered the system we requested on time.

– Salwa Ismail, Lembaga Pelabuhan Johor

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