Taylor's Online Programme Application System (TOPAS)

We built an enterprise-level application management system that automates manual tasks, streamlines data management, and processes 4x more applications.


Full Cycle Development


Phase 1: 6 months


8 Members


PHP, Laravel, MySQL


About the Project

Automated Online Application System for Colleges and Universities

The new online system, called TOPAS, is based on PHP and Laravel, and caters to every aspect of the application process for a large institute. TOPAS is integrated with Taylor's mainframe to make data consistent, and more accessible.

Areas of Improvement

UI/UX Design
Application Process
Submission and Review Process
Data Integration Design

New Features

Agent Management
Address Attributes Management
Local & International Counsellor Management
Automated Offer Letter Generation
Salesforce Integration

Development Methodology

Testing Methods

User Acceptance Testing
Performance Testing
Stress Testing
QA Testing

Problems Solved

Taylor’s University was managing every aspect of their applications offline and manually. They wanted to move to a robust online solutions that integrates with their existing systems.
Manual Application Checking
Manual Application Submission
Integrating with Main Campus System
Manual Module Combinations & Seat Caps

Large Qualification Requirements Database

Based on student intake, admins can create multiple qualification requirements for each programme.The challenge was to develop a roles structure that does automated checks, and manages an ever growing database of rules and combinations.

Modules and Programme Combinations

Our client's teams were manually combining modules for each programme, which was time consuming and unstandardised.

We developed a functionality that enables users to add multiple combinations of modules and programmes for each intake.

Multiple Payment Gateways

We made it easier for students to pay online by integrating iPay88 and Flywire as multiple payments methods for specific use cases.

International students are automatically shown payment options like Flywire, while local students get the option to use iPay88.

Managing Application Reviews

Earlier, all application reviews were done manually, and with the help of different tools, which resulted in fragmented data.

We built TOPAS to make application reviews automated, and faster for counsellors. Along with that, counsellors can edit student profiles in case of manual intervention.

TOPAS vs Other In-market Solutions


Sponsorship management
Salesforce Integration
Local & International Qualification Checks
Semester-based Module Combination



How We Made this Project a Success

Phased Deployment

Due to the scale of the application and number of features, we planned development in multiple phases. The first phase was planned over a period of six months where we built the MVP, and the remaining development work is still ongoing.

Another reason for phased deployment was tackling user adoption. We gave the university staff time to learn how the system works, and also share feedback so we can continuously improve the software.

Standardised Processes

We used a combination of Waterfall and Agile Methodology to build TOPAS. We started with a User Requirement Specifications (URS) doc, followed by a prototyping phase. This was followed by development, and extensive testing.

Training and Testing

We employed a number of testing methods to deliver a bug-free system, and ensure that university staff are trained well to use it efficiently.

We also conducted guided sessions to train university staff on how they can navigate the new application.

Testing Methods Used

User Acceptance Testing
Quality Assurance Testing
Performance Stress Testing
Integration Testing
Operational Readiness Testing

Tools Used

Apache JMeter
Apache JMeter

Services Provided to Client

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Design
Custom Software Development
QA & Software Testing

Key Features

Users can create seat caps to determine the maximum number of students that can be be enrolled into programmes and modules within then.

We designed a clean, and intuitive UI so users can easily find these settings and make changes.
This feature enables institutes to give more academic flexibility to their students.

Users can create custom module combinations for students based on the semester they’re studying.
Each student application is automatically is matched by TOPAS against the minimum requirements set by the admissions team.

Requirements can include the following

School education
Recommendation Letters
Market Relevance

Leader in Multi-disciplinary Learning

A top choice for students, researchers, and academicians, Taylor’s University offers multi-disciplinary education, has been a leader in providing high quality learning since 1969, and currently educates over 22,000 students.

Highlights of this Project

100+ Programmes Supported
1 Active Directory Integration
Counsellor & Agent Management
Encrypted URLs
3-tier Server Architecture
Streamlined Data Integration
1000+ Concurrent User Support