One platform to manage your co-curriculum

Online Co-curriculum Software for Education Institutes
Manage co-curricular activities, increase participation, track points on leaderboards, and award students – all through one platform.
Gamified UX
Detailed activity dashboards
Dedicated co-curricular activity management features

Fully Automated Points Matrix

Curriculus is built with an advanced points system that auto calculates your student's overall points.Create Themes

Simplified student participation

Find New

Students pick from a variety of activities, and themes that align with their interests and goals.


Students share reflections for each activity, based on which they are alloted points.


Students can observe leaderboards to track their points and progress.

Build Student Portfolio

All student activities and points are culminated here under student profiles.
Activity portfolio

View overall student involvement

Students can update their portfolio/profile with key activities, certifications, and badges to make it a comprehensive record of their accomplishments.
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Personal development plans

Let students plan their achievements

Empower students to plan and track their goals. Set and monitor progress towards academic, personal, or professional objectives with a core purpose statement, and career vision, all in one place.
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Let students recollect and learn from their experiences

Enable students to revisit co-curricular experiences. Recall insights and apply learning to personal growth, development, and future pursuits.
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Features designed to help student engagement

Facilitate student dialogue and connections

Rich text editing
Create multiple discussion categories
Students can add their own topics and boards
Join discussion through comments
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Track student points and performance

Get a quick glance at top performing students
View each student’s points and profile
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Let students flaunt their wins

Add custom badges for achievements
Auto assign badges based on student points
Add badge description, logo, and category
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Make resources instantly available to students

Share guidelines, policies, and manuals as docs
Add FAQs to answer frequent queries
Collect feedback and enquiries from students
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Manage all your co-curricular activities and events

Create theme-based activities
Add national or international levels to activities
Create different roles within an activity
Allocate points to each role
Allow partners to host and create activties
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Keep students informed with campus news

Staff and admins can add campus news
Alert student through notification for new posts
Add image or doc attachments to news posts
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More premium features

Unified login for existing accounts
Detailed reporting with charts, graphs, and tables
Partner accounts for more diversity in activities
Central system integration for seamless data sharing

Ever since we got Curriculus our activities are more organized, getting student feedback is easier, and there's barely any duplicate data to manually remove.

Aliah Ismail, IT Lead at the Malaysian Insurance Institute

Inspire your students to do more.

Curriculus helps you organize activities, manage student progress, improve partner retention, and maintain data with ZERO duplication.

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What will you do when I have reported a problem with your software?

We will do three things:

  1. Track and fix the reported faults
  2. Provide emergency update releases whenever appropriate
  3. Propagate the fix to other supported versions

What type of queries do you respond to?

We answer your questions in regards to:

  1. How to use the software.
  2. Technical questions and assistance.
  3. Set-up and configuration assistance.
  4. General questions regarding the software.

What does your maintenance update cover?

In general, any maintenance updates will fix any bugs or malfunctions that you have come across that interferes with the general functions of the system.

What are Interim (Minor) Releases?

Interim (Minor) Release: When it becomes necessary to correct faults detected on a released version, fixes are made to the base version. This modified version is installed as a minor release, which by definition does not contain any functional enhancements. Minor releases are planned by the Principal and made available periodically. According to general policy, underlying environmental software required for the run time is not changed in this release. A minor release completely supersedes previous minor and emergency releases and all customers are expected to upgrade their versions to the latest release.

What are Major (Enhancement) Releases?

Major (Enhancement) Release: A major release represents significant functional and/or technical changes in the proposed systems. Unlike with a minor release, a customer is not required to upgrade to the next enhancement release. Planned by product management, major releases would involve some incremental cost for the customers when major new modules are added to the product.

What are Emergency Releases?

Emergency Release: When a software fault prevents the system from operating correctly, a fix (patch) is made available as an emergency release. Such action may also be necessary when certain enhancements are urgently needed in order to comply with external regulatory requirements. An emergency release has the following characteristics:

  1. It is supplied only to the site that reported the problem. Other sites will get the fix along with the minor (maintenance) release in which the fault is fixed.
  2. It addresses only the critical problem in question.
  3. The emergency fix is temporary in nature and will be replaced by the next maintenance release.

Does your software comes with warranty?

There is also a Warranty Period of 1 year for the proposed solution, which will commence immediately after the date of User Acceptance Test Sign-Off. The vendor also warrants that the components supplied and installed are in accordance with this proposal shall be free of any defects and malfunction for a period specified as per the Warranty Period (1 year). Any defects caused by the misconfiguration and coding errors uncovered during this Warranty Period shall be immediately responded to and resolved free of charge. Beyond this Warranty Period, the solution is required to be covered by an active Maintenance Agreement to be signed between your company and GR Tech.

Response Time

What are Urgent Severity cases?

Urgent Severity is when critical business system is stopped or lost (total outage) and there is no workaround to achieve business continuity.

Our Response Time
On-Site: 2 Hours

Remote: Immediately

What are High Severity cases?

High Severity cases are when a system is not functioning or running slow. As a result of which client’s work is stopped or so severely impacted that the client cannot continue his/her work.

Our Response Time:

On-Site: 4 Hours

Remote: 1 Hour

What are Normal Severity cases?

Normal Severity cases are when your work is continuing (not stopped) but there is a serious impact on your productivity and/or service levels.

Our Response Time:

On-Site: 24 Hours

Remote: During working hours.

What are Low Severity cases?

Low Severity cases are when systems, sub-systems or components are not usable or hampered but that is not critical to business operations of the client and the client is able to perform normal business operations.

Our Response Time:

On-Site: 48 Hours

Remote: During working hours.

What if I have questions regarding the software you built for us?

What if I have questions regarding the software you built for us?

Our response time (On-Site): If you have any questions or inquiries, they will be addressed within two days.

Vendor’s response time (remote): During working hours.

Support Hours

Do you provide support after working hours?

We do!

We provide support up until 12:00 AM (But may change according to severity).

What are your Support Hours?

We provide support Monday – Friday (except Public Holidays) from 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM

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