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DirectiPhi is an Online Directory System made for organizations looking to build relationships for businesses to businesses. With a comprehensive suite of features, helping business grow just got a lot easier.

DirectiPhi is a customizable web application that can be tailored to how you need it to work. We make it tailored fit for your organization.

Direct Businesses Through a Robust Portal

Stay up-to-date with an interactive dashboard. With a glance, know what has happened since you last logged in.
Manage admins while empowering them with roles. Create roles to serve any unique function.
Be in total control as you manage companies in your directory. With separate tabs for Exporters and Buyers, know who’s buying and providing. Ultimate connectivity.
With a robust Reporting Tool, gaining insight and making an informed decision will make life easier for your staff. PersoniPhi helps you Filter, Sort, Export and Visualize your data.
Easily track every activity done in the system. The Activity Logger tracks by the time range, user types and companies.

Let Business Flow

Display your Products

Microsite Make companies stand out with a Microsite - without needing to code!
360 Degree Product View: Show off your products with an in-built 360 degree viewer.

Conduct Business Online

Dashboard With a dependable dashboard, businesses can stay up-to-date with a glance.

Talk To Your Clients

Communicate: Easily converse with your customers with an-built messaging system.

Announce To The World

Announcements: Let everyone know of the next big thing!

DirectiPhi - Online Directory System

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