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Memo Management System

Digitizing The Way You Handle Memos​

MemoPhi is a Memo Management System that automates your collection, validation and approval of departmental memos and budgets. Be in total control of all financial activities in your organization as MemoPhi helps your administrators keep track and organize. 

As a customizable web application, MemoPhi supports any organization seeking to automate internal memo and budgeting process. With MemoPhi, help your organization reach your efficiency goals.

For All Your Memo Needs

Other Features

Admin Dashboard
Stay Notified
Role Empowerment

Stay Updated In A Glance

Create or see what needs approving all in a glance through the admin dashboard.

Be In The Know

Be notified instantly through email and the system.

Add Staffs and Roles

Manage staff users while empowering them with roles. Create roles to serve any unique function from Requestors to Reviewers and Approvers. Additionally, add divisions and departments within your organisation.

MemoPhi - Memo Management System

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