Volunteer Management System

Helping You Lead The Best of Humanity

HumaniPhi is a Volunteer Management System that simplifies your organization’s approach in handling volunteers. By assisting in your recruitment, notifying and enlisting operations, HumaniPhi lets you and your volunteers focus in your volunteering efforts.

As a customizable web application, HumaniPhi is best for any organization that wants to digitize their volunteering administration. From Universities to NGOs, HumaniPhi helps you send volunteers to where it matters most.

Everything You Need To Lead Your Volunteers

Stay up-to-date with an interactive dashboard. With a glance, know what has happened since you last logged in.
Categorize Volunteers by profession. Approve, Reject, Activate, Deactivate Volunteer Accounts
Manage admins while empowering them with roles. Create roles to serve any unique function.
Publish activities for your volunteers to join. Categorize event types, track attendance, approve and reject participation all in one screen.
Create news and announcements to inform your volunteers. Let your stories be heard.

Letting Volunteers Do Good

Single Flow Registration

Be as detailed or as simple as you want with your registration process. Collect any information you need from your Volunteers.

Be In The Know

With an in-built notification board, Volunteers can easily read up on the latest news and updates from your organization.

Complete Missions

Through the Activity Management, empower your volunteers with the ease of participating in your missions through one easy to read page.

Volunteer Management System

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